TracSure(tm) Alert 
GSM Jamming Signal Detector

TracSure(tm) Alert is a Quad-band jamming signal detector, for personal (pocket or held) and vehicle-mounting (shown with cables for 12v supply and external antenna option). The device is always-on, and monitors the GSM bands for the presence of a wide-band non-GSM signal. The presence of weak jamming signals (may cause unreliable speech) is identified by a red LED. When stonger jamming is detected (will render GSM comms inoperable), a klaxon-like noise is sounded in addition. 

TracSure Alert gives vital time for security-aware users to react to a potential threat, so they may avoid assaults on their vehicle, assets, or person. The unit will send date/time/position/strength and duration of jamming signals to a server, when normal GSM service is resumed. 

An optional GSM signal mapper records GSM signal strength in its vicinity, and provides postiion/signal-strength/time reports to a nominated server. This allows secure journeys to be planned in advance, avoiding low signal areas.

TracSure is able to guard against 3G jamming threats, as most jamming devices broadcast a wide-band noise signal that encompasses all 2G/3G bands simultaneously.


GSM jamming signal detector: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 bands


Based on STAR-Let 200 GSM/GPRS module; uses CCww protocol stack, diagnostics and application code throughout

Frequency (GSM)

Quad-Band 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz

Enclosure Size



Battery back-up enables deep-sleep (100uA) and auto wake-up


A-GPS for fastest fix, using SiRF STAR-III; not used in std app


3D; option to 'deep sleep' and wake up on g-threshold; not used in std app

USB Port Interface

10 pin mini-USB for charger, debug and software download

SIM Interface

Micro SIM or chip SIM (option)

GSM Antenna

Strip PCB antenna, with u.fl connector

GPS Antenna

Surface mount 13*13mm standard GPS passive antenna


Reset; device always ‘on’

Charge management

On-board with STAR-Let module; configurable


Indicator of possible jamming signal


Sounds klaxon-style alert on strong jamming signal detected